History: Vikings 2018 Comic Con Trailer

writer - producer - editor

HBO: Game of thrones “Hiatus Campaign” Jaime Lannister Trailer

producer - editor

Soon after beginning at hbo, I was invited to work on the Game of Thrones hiatus campaign. A marketing push to get people to binge watch before the next and final season began. The work I did on this trailer got me invited to work on the marketing campaign for the final season.

HBO: Barry s1 recap trailer :60

producer - editor

This recap trailer aired before episode 201 in order to remind the audience what happened during the previous season.

HISTORY: SIX S2 Feature Trailer

(writer - producer - editor)

HISTORY: Vikings 2017 comic con trailer

(writer - producer - editor - gfx packaging concept)

It's hard to beat working on a trailer for a fan favorite scripted show, but when you watch it premiere in front of 3,000+ cheering fans at the 2017 Comic-Con panel it's a jaw dropping experience. Within one week this trailer had 11million+ views on the Vikings Facebook page.

Fun creative note, the music was custom produced using the sound of old norse instruments combined with contemporary trailer audio elements; giving it a soundscape which fits in the world of the show.

Voted #2 by Forbes in "Top 12 Comic-Con 2017 Trailers You Really Need to Watch"

Nominated for a global 2018 Promax for best Show Trailer Promo


(writer - producer - editor)

HIStORY: KNIGHTFALL S1 Upfront Trailer

(writer - producer - editor)

Knights. Action. Drama. Holy hell. Also that intro is some of my favorite sound design I've ever done - so give it a go.

Fun creative note, the tagline was loved by the executive producers so much, it was written into the show.


(writer - producer - editor)

Indie film: Leaving Circadia trailer

(writer - producer - editor)

This independent romantic comedy was something I took on to expand into genres I hadn't previously had the opportunity to work on. It was also a great change of pace to work directly with the film creator.

INdie film: Jersey shore massacre theatrical trailer

(writer - producer - editor)

Executive Produced by Jennifer "JWoww" Farley from MTV's the Jersey Shore. This independent horror comedy trailer was such a fun one to work on. 

HISTORY: Vikings S4.5 Comic-Con Trailer

(writer - producer)

Syfy: Killjoys S1 Trailer "Space bounty hunters"

(writer - producer - editor)

SYFY: Town of the living dead s1 Trailer

(writer - producer - editor)