History: Vikings 360° Set tour - Part 1

(concept - director)

Emerging technology is something to constantly pay attention to because it can be used to help engage the fan base in new ways. Using a 360° camera, I came up with and executed a 5-part Vikings set-tour guided by the main talent of the show. In less than a week it had 1million+ views on the shows Facebook page.

History: HONEST HISTORY "Valentines day"

(concept - writer - producer)

Honest History was created as an example for a new sponsor friendly franchise. It takes a blunt comedic approach to the history of events or holidays.

History: Vikings "Inside the episode"

(interview - producer)

These short form pieces aired after each Vikings premiere. I was responsible for leading the interview with Michael Hirst (Vikings creator, writer) and producing each piece for the entire season.

HISTORY: Vikings S1-3 Recap

(writer - producer)

I was asked to create a funny Vikings S1-3 recap for social and this is what popped out of my weird brain.