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'hey producer dude, I'm not annoyed so good job'
-- Robert Downey Jr. 

HBO Max: The Flight Attendant: S2 Extra Content Campaign
Lead Creative Producer

It was an honor being asked to produce the behind the scenes campaign for The Flight Attendant, which at the time was the most watched series on HBO Max.

As the lead producer, I was tasked with communicating and gathering the A/V needs for the inter-department stake holders and pitching creative all the way up to the showrunners. The plan was to create a featurette and 8 Inside the Episodes, all of which would have a heavy BTS component. I planned the talking points for each piece, picked supporting BTS days on set and developed questions for the cast, crew and creators that would satisfy the roughly 90minutes of extra content we were tasked with creating. After capture, I led a team of 5 editors and one designer to assemble all of the creative and was responsible for shepherding the creatives through the approval process. Below are some of my favorite pieces. 

Project highlights, building our own interview set & interviewing Kaley Cuoco &  Sharon Stone who played a supporting role that season.

The Flight Attendant - S2 Featurette
lead creative producer - interviewer
The Flight Attendant | Inside the Episode 202
lead creative producer
The Flight Attendant | Inside the Episode 206
lead creative producer
The Flight Attendant | Inside the Episode 205
lead creative producer

HBO's Perry Mason: S1 Extra Content Campaign
Lead Creative Producer

As the lead producer for the Perry Mason season 1 extra content campaign, I was responsible for creatively executing multiple pieces including a making of featurette, character pieces and after the episode content. Working with my line producer, I organized the BTS/Interview shoot days and utilizing the shows sets I creatively managed the production crew, developed the questions and interviewed with the show's cast and crew on camera; while adhering to budget constraints

Project highlight, interviewing Robert Downey Jr. & his wife Susan, who served as Executive Producers on the show. 

Perry Mason S1 Featurette
creative producer - interviewer
Robert Downey Jr. & Matthew Rhys Convo
creative producer - interviewer - editor
John Lithgow | Inside EB ep 104
creative producer - interviewer
Matthew Rhys | Inside Perry ep 101
creative producer - interviewer
Kat Goodson | Post Producer POV
creative producer - interviewer

Individual BTS/Extra Content Pieces

Euphoria 108 Unfiltered 'Zendaya & Hunter'
History | Vikings | 401 Inside the Episode
HBO | High Maintenance | S4 360 Set Tour
creative producer

Notable Interviews

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