Joel is highly versed in set etiquette after running numerous BTS campaigns for a variety of productions. As the sole creative producer on location, he is capable of managing his crew, coordinating with show production as well as interviewing talent on camera. He's also creatively produced multiple conceptual shoots from the network side. 


I've conducted countless talent interviews on camera. Below are some of my most memorable:

BTS/Interview Based Creative

HBO | Perry Mason | BTS Featurette
on-set creative producer | interviewer
editor: christy castellano
dp: evan butka
HBO | Perry Mason | Robert Downey Jr. & Matthew Rhys Intv
on-set creative producer | interviewer | editor

Conceptual Based Creative

History | KnightFall | Shoot "Prologue" Tease
concept - creative producer
vendor: king and country
History | Vikings | S5 Tease
concept - creative producer
vendor: Lair